Training event on laser-induced printing for microscale additive fabrication, 10 July 2024, Marseille, France

Laserlab-Europe organises a training event on laser-induced printing for microscale additive fabrication at the Laser Plasma and Photonic Processes laboratory (LP3 UMR 7341 CNRS AMU) on the Campus of Luminy, Marseille (France). 

The next event will be held on the 10/07/2024 and later on 11/09 and 09/10 on-demand. The lab experiments will be held on one of the LP3 platforms (LaMP) focused on the development and industrial transfer of laser-based processes.

Among additive manufacturing techniques, the laser-induced printing technique based on a forward transfer of material addresses the challenges of digital printing in solid or liquid phase with high (micrometric to sub-micrometric) resolution. Due to the large degree of versatility and flexibility of this point-to-point non-contact laser fabrication technique, the fields of applications are countless, encompassing printed electronics, organic electronics on flexible support and also tissue engineering.

This training will provide the attendees with a close-up and fully-immersing experience into the reality of an advanced research experimental technique and the true step-by-step demonstration of printing of micrometre pixels and/or a simple electronic device on an adapted substrate.

More information about the event can be found at the following LINK